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Imagine turning on the news and hearing a serious discussion about what your elected representatives are doing about critical issues like diplomacy with Iran and the war in Afghanistan.

While that sounds like a fantasy land where the media isn’t focused on Scott Brown’s pocket tweets and John Boehner’s latest gripe about Harry Reid, there is good news. Our report on the 2012 Congress has all the information you need to hold your representatives accountable for their records on the peace issues that matter to you.

Explore the features of our online interactive voting record to see whether your representatives and senators led the pack in fighting for a smarter foreign policy or fell behind.

The information in this voting record is vital to our work and sustaining our movement. When we see that in 2012 the Senate voted for the first time to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the House supported freezing the Pentagon budget, we see what’s possible and are inspired to fight another day.

Of course there is much work to do to move the peace agenda in Congress, and the voting record also reveals major areas for improvement. That’s why this voting record isn’t just a report—it’s a tool to show your representatives that you are watching their votes and will make your voices heard.

Thank you for working with us to make the victories in this voting record possible. Here’s to another year of making the peace movement a force to be reckoned with in Congress.

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