Marylanders – Let's Stop a Corporate Welfare Handout to the World's Biggest War Profiteer!

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Lockheed Martin lobbyists and their friends are working to squeeze millions of dollars from Montgomery County tax payers. They have written a bill, specifically for Lockheed Martin, that would require the County to redefine a hotel in order to exempt the guests at Lockheed Martin’s hotel on its Bethesda campus from paying the county’s 7% hotel tax. This law would affect no other facility in the state.  In addition, the bill requires the county to reimburse $1.4 million to the company for legally required taxes it has already paid.

The Montgomery County Council has refused to consider awarding Lockheed Martin such special favors twice.

This week the state legislature is making an end run around the Montgomery County Council decision with its bill in the General Assembly.

Call your Senators and Delegates Now! 

Ask senators to oppose Senate Bill 631 and delegates to oppose its companion bill in the House, HB 815.

For more background, read this story in Maryland’s premiere state political blog.

Lockheed Martin is making mega profits, so why won’t they pay their fair share of taxes like everyone else?

Call your Senators and Delegates Now! 

Singling out one company for preferential treatment, at the expense of the rest of county businesses and individuals, who pay their taxes, is not right.

When WIC supplements for babies and pregnant women are being cut, when children are being deprived of Head Start, when unemployment benefits are being reduced–why in such a time should one of the wealthiest companies in the state receive this kind of special tax favoritism?  

We’ve won this battle twice before, at the County Council level. We can win again, if you will help us. Please call now!

Humbly for Peace,


Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

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