Stop Selling Death

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'Nuff said?

‘Nuff said?


Moving from conflict to conflict in the Middle East, trying to keep up with the politics and players involved, the unrelenting violence, the rising death toll and refugee crisis, is as difficult as it is depressing. 

There is one common thread however – from Gaza to Syria to Iraq to Egypt to Libya to Afghanistan — U.S. military intervention and an ever-ready supply of U.S weapons pouring into the region make matters worse.

Let’s stop fanning the flames of war.  Sign Peace Action’s petition to restrict and limit U.S. weapons sales

U.S. weapons provided to the Iraqi Army are now in the hands of extremists who are close to tearing the country apart.  The success of the extremist offensive has led them to declare themselves the Islamic State, stretching into Syria where they have been fighting to overthrow the Assad government alongside other rebels being vetted by the U.S. to see who is worthy of receiving yet more U.S. weapons transfers, just what the region doesn’t need.

The U.S. leads the world in weapons sales. That includes the sale of weapons to undemocratic regimes and nations on the U.S. State Department’s list of human rights abusers. Tell Congress and the President it’s time to stop selling weapons to dictators and governments that turn U.S. weapons on civilian populations.

We need a new foreign policy, one that reflects America’s values and goodwill, one that relies more on patient diplomacy and humanitarian assistance and far less on weapons and war.

Humbly for Peace,

Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

P.S. – Now, faced with war raging in the Middle East, a region awash in U.S. weapons, it is time again to push Congress and the Obama administration to end the practice of arming dictators and human rights abusers.

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  • Oliver Robinson

    The Middle east the people like the isis want to be seen and the only way that the World will know about them is thought Violence acts, the only way to stop some of the Violence is to let the middle and poor classes Citizens know that we know that thay are part of the new Word,just like in Michael Brown case some of the people that we saw on TV, we did not know them, most talk shows only bring the one on that will give them rating that need to stop so since other American are over look the only way that thay can be seen is when thay do violence crime, so let us get it together both in the Middle east and in America,s we must say it loud we are here poll us some time that would cut down on the crime rate let us think about that for a while from your America community organizer Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D the key word is think about it on facebook Oliver Robinson 5011

  • Al Donohue

    To stop ” pouring gasoline on the flames of conflict ” , it will be necessary to take the profit out of war by Nationalizing military production as well as having an open dialog and critique of U.S. foreign policy from 1948 to today . There was a “letter to the ed.”printed in the Syr.Post-Standard 7-10-13 that reflected this idea. Al Donohue member Vietnam Veterans Against the War

    • Jerry "Peacemaker"

      Excellent idea Al. Nationalize military production. Putting war criminals behind bars for life might take the profit out of war as well.

  • Oliver Robinson

    From Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.d organizer to speak about silling death in syria Iraq Egypt and Libya as well as the street in America,s let us talk to congress and the President where do we go from here it is hard to make a real plan, because the President do not want to Wade a War that take billions of America, dollar so let try to bring the trouble make to a let stop the silling death which will not prove any thing but more killing we are already killing each other in all State so let freedom ring, the key word is from lookout Mountain let freedom ring say it loud
    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.d in Mound Bayou, Mississippi

    • Oliver Robinson

      Two my fellow young black men stop selling death because we only make up about 33,000.000 in the U.S.A.let the gang make peace on our streets how about that the (key word down but but not out)

  • Leandra Price

    We see all the violence on the news and it just seems so overwhelming. We decided to put together an interactive peace conference to try to find some solutions to move towards peace together.

    A number of peace projects emerged from this including an interactive peace conference to encourage discussion and solutions. If you want to be a part of the change as we work to move towards peace we hope you will join us.

    On September 27, from noon to 5, our community is coming together at Broomfield United Methodist Church (545 West 10th Avenue/Broomfield, Colorado 80020) to learn about “Becoming Peacemakers in a Violent World.” Topics include: Ethics of Peace and Protection: Strategies for Conversation, Youth Violence: Early Intervention and Turning the Page on Victimhood: Empowering Women. Featured speakers include Michael Baxter, Leandra Price, William Woodward, Rebekah Simon-Peter and Dr. Catharyn A. Baird.

    The interactive conference is free (free childcare is also available) and we need your help and involvement. To register for the conference, visit

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