2022 Midterms: Help Get the Vote Out!

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The midterm elections are nearly upon us. In less than six weeks voters will be hitting the polls, with early voting kicking off even before that. Now is the time that you can help Peace Action in its work to elect peace candidates in the closest races throughout the country. Sign up to make calls or send texts for candidates through our Peace Voter Action Center!

During these midterms, we’re not only working to elect the greatest number of candidates, we’re also working to prevent anti-democratic forces from coming into control and freezing — or worse, steamrolling — all progress on our agenda.

Democracy and foreign policy, war, and nuclear weapons are inextricably linked. If Democracy further erodes in this country, the risk of nuclear war increases. Decisions around war and the use of nuclear weapons are already far too undemocratic. We’re fighting to change that. But if we don’t have better representation there is only so far we can go.

I know we are all so busy in our lives. But, as you well know, this is a pivotal moment for our country. It’s time to step up. You can sign up to phone bank below. If you prefer to text bank, we’ve got some opportunities in our Action Center.

To find out more about the candidates, please visit our Action Center!

Technology has made it easier than even to join us as a volunteer, from the comfort of your home!

For those of you who have not previously phone banked through Mobilize, it is fairly easy to get the hang of. When you register, you’ll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. Once there, a campaign staff member will be there to run a training session for everyone and assist you with anything during the shift. All we ask is that you add “Peace Action” after your name on Zoom.

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania Senate

When? Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm Eastern Time

“We live in a complex, ever-changing world that requires American leadership and diplomacy. But unfortunately throughout the course of my lifetime, we’ve followed the direction of too many saber-rattling ‘experts’ out there who have led us down the road toward costly wars of choice… We should embrace a foreign policy framework that will not bankrupt future generations and allow us to hit our own domestic priorities.”

Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin Senate

When? Wednesdays 5-8 pm Central Time

“For too long, we put our troops in harm’s way while spending trillions on an endless war that was entering a third decade of conflict… I will never back down from my duty to protect American lives while building a more just world and working tirelessly to secure human rights for all.”

Dan Kildee, Michigan’s 8th Congressional District

When? Thursdays 6-8:30pm Eastern Time

“A President’s most solemn duty is to make a decision as to whether to send young Americans into harm’s way…It is long past time for Congress to exercise its required responsibility under the constitution and debate and pass an updated authorization for the use of military force in Afghanistan and the other conflicts around the world where Americans are engaged in combat.”

Tom Malinowski, New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

When? Mondays, 6-8pm Eastern Time

“For years, the United States has been urging the Saudis to stop their indiscriminate bombing attacks in Yemen, yet the Saudi jets that conduct these attacks continue to be maintained and kept in the air under a contract approved by the U.S. government… It needs to end. The United States should not be complicit in Saudi actions that have claimed thousands of civilian lives, created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

Steven Horsford, Nevada’s 4th Congressional District

When? Weekends, 12 pm and onward Pacific Time

Steven Horsford wants a peaceful world not just for Nevadans, but for everyone at home and abroad. In an effort to achieve this, he has voted to block Saudi arms deals, prevent a war with Iran, stop funding to new nuclear weapons, and overturn the outdated 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force.

Marcy Kaptur, Ohio’s 9th Congressional District

When? Weekends & Tuesday-Thursday, 6-8 pm Eastern Time

Kaptur believes that we must move beyond the days of endless wars and toward a future of diplomatic relations. “The pathway to peace can be paved by grass-roots diplomacy in addition to governmental compromise.”

If you have absolutely no time to volunteer, and I know it can be hard for some folks, please contribute what you can to our Peace Voter 2022 campaign. Thank you for all you do for peace!

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