Elections Matter!

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By Paul Kawika Martin

As you know, midterm elections are only 5 weeks away. And one of the unique aspects about Peace Action is that we use all the tools in the social tool box to create a better world. Our comprehensive electoral work includes registering voters, educating candidates and the electorate and endorsing and financing peace candidates.

Already this year, Peace Action and our PAC has made a difference by endorsing candidates, contributing to primary elections, briefing candidates and collecting candidate questionnaires.

Please give a contribution to Peace Action PAC now. Even $5 can make a difference. By law, $5,000 is the maximum you can give. You may consider a recurring gift so that our PAC is always prepared even for surprise special elections.

You may have heard that control of the Senate is up for grabs. Peace Action is non-partisan. For example, earlier this year we endorsed Walter Jones (R-NC) because of his tireless work to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and to cut the Pentagon budget. That said, it is clear that a Republican controlled Senate would not have passed the New START Treaty a few years ago and would not be good for Peace Action issues.

It is for that reason that we are supporting candidates in several close Senate races like Gary Peters in Michigan, Bruce Braley in Iowa and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.

Shortly, Peace Action will be deciding where to send organizers to help candidates in key races and where to focus our financial resources. Your contribution now will help us know what we can afford to do to make a more peaceful Congress.

As a reminder, Peace Action PAC has helped elect such peace leaders as:

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) — A leader in bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and ending the Iraq War
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) — Another leader in stopping endless wars and cutting the Pentagon budget
Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) — Co-chair of the Progressive Caucus

Besides endorsing and giving money to candidates, we will be bird dogging candidates and distributing voter guides to help voters in their decisions.

In November, we expect a number of hot races in California, New Hampshire, Iowa, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to name a few states. Your support can make a difference. It’s not just electing Members of Congress that will vote the right way. That certainly helps. But the key is electing leaders on peace issues who will lead a number of lawmakers to vote the right way. Leaders who will do the hard, behind the scenes work on issues you and I care about that will make a lasting difference.

Please take a moment now to make a gift so that we can make a difference in key elections.

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  • Alan Donohue

    Fellow Peace Action and anti-war activists, I , a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War , am doing a

    WRITE IN campaign for the NYS 22nd Congressional district . The name to WRITE IN is –aLABORdonohue–, any help you can give me with this would be appreciated . Attached is a press release regarding this, thanks . Alan P. Donohue

  • Jerry "Peacemaker"

    Find the internet viral photograph of U.S. Senator John McCain sitting in the same room with ISIS “Caliph Ibrahim”/al Baghdadi, send it to everyone you know while demanding a thorough explanation from McCain, and watch this upcoming election become one for the record books.

  • Oliver Robinson

    My fellow Americans Elections dose matter the midterm Elections on November 4,2014 let us ride our self of the tea party,and any candidate that is running should be able to win. leave the tea party out, I have a vesion that the Democratic partys is best for America,s let us not seat any more Republican to the house, we as American need the health care for the poor and middle class
    families my vesion is that President Obama and the Democratic party will be the best the Elections dose matter. the ( key word is now is the time to show your power at the poll.
    From your America community organizer Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.d

  • Ronald L. Waldron



    From day one Israel , AIPAC. Netanyahu, and Republican partners have all but demanded the United States to attack Iran,
    over rather or not if they could or would develope a nuclear weapon.

    President Obama has refused to do so. We are wore out on Israel and control they have with in OUR government.

    Back in June of 2014, Israel under orders from Netanyahu to attack & bomb Syria. Against what other leaders disagreed .

    ISIS at the time had maybe 5,000 members, poor weapons & training, no money to progress very far.

    On several occasions our con-men in congress sent israel another 350 Million dollars for Defense, Offense, ??

    Would our dearest Ally – #1-Enemy, supply ISIS, won’t he do as he has in the past like Iraq. WHY ??

    They now have 40,000 members recruited from all over, massive suppies of weapons, food & equipment, plenty

    Our republican members pressure the pentagon, and President Obama, with plenty of media coverage. We attacked
    ISIS in Syria from the air.

    Hurray, Hurray says Netanyahu, McCain, Graham, McConnell, Boehner, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.

    I predict that Netanyahu knows full well that Iran will now attack Americans in defense of Syria, just as they
    have stated they would do. That will put as into WAR with Iran. They hope before ELECTIONS.

    Your tax dollars working against you, just like a reverse morgage. Stuffed up it in the end.


    [New post] GOP uses terror threat against Dems in campaign.

    Dear Fellow American’s (Gentiles):

    According to the New York Times, “an explosion of spending on political advertising on television… is accelerating the rise of monied interests” in our elections. And the billionaire Koch brothers are leading the charge.

    Six groups backed by Charles and David Koch are responsible for producing nearly 44,000 ads across the country. Their main group, Americans for Prosperity, has run nearly 27,000 ads supporting the Kochs’ extreme right-wing Zionist agenda.

    The only way we’re going to beat the Kochs this election cycle is with a major outpouring of grassroots support. Join me and my Democratic colleagues to help fight back — sign our petition today.

    In the Senate, I’ve fought hard to rein in special interest spending and reform our campaign finance system. But thanks to harmful laws like Citizens United, special interests are spending millions to force-feed voters misleading information in support of their own special interest AIPAC & Israel’s agenda $$$$.( OUR’s)..

    Americans deserve to make their own choices about who they elect. Add your voice to mine and let the Koch brothers know that you’re not going to be fooled, no matter how many ads they run. Stop the obstructionist, Zionist, foreign lobbies, filibusters, War-mongers and Republican Fascist .

    Thank you for your votes;

    Democrats for America & Americans;


    Please forward

    This email was sent by rlw643@windstream.net

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