America – An Intervention

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Hi America. Come on in. Have a seat. Get comfy. Well, we’ll just come right out and say it, since we really care about you. You have an addiction. To violence.

I know you’re hurting, but today IS the day to talk about this, and not just about gun control, but that’s where we need to start. Twenty kids massacred at school. Jesus. You can’t go on like this.

You have almost as many guns as you do people. How is that a good idea? Why does no other country think that’s a good idea? How is this making your people safer?

How come it’s easier to get guns than mental health care? Oh right, you don’t have universal health care like other grown-up countries. You could fix that, easily. Take that money you squander on your endless, pointless wars (really, enough of that already!) and give everybody health care, okay? No need for you to keep spending as much on the military as the rest of the world combined.

What was that you said? Second Amendment? You can read, right? What does a well-regulated militia have to do with anything? Really, stop being evasive. Folks can keep all their guns. Just stop making or buying bullets. It ain’t rocket science. Oh yeah, stop with the rocket science too. No more drones and missiles and “missile defense” and space weapons and all that kinda stuff.

Stop yammering about the NRA. Declare them to be what they are – a terrorist organization. Come on, sit up straight now, stiffen your spine. You can do this!

Let’s get to the bottom of something – what’s with all the fear? You have riches most other countries would only dream of – your natural resources, you bounty, and especially the ingenuity of your people. Yet you seem obsessed with fear at every level of society, from the personal to the neighborhood to the national and international levels. Why do people of different races or sexual orientation scare you so much? There’s no such thing as absolute security, for people or for countries. So ease up on all the fear-mongering already. Garrisoning neighborhoods or the country is no way to live.

Okay a lot more we could discuss that’s a lot at one sitting. Now say the following:

“Hi I’m America. I’m addicted to violence.”

Hi, America.

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  • John

    Conn. has one of the strictess gun laws in the nation, which didn’t stop this crime. It is not the guns that are at fault. Just like the cars that kill people when it is driven by a drunk isn’t at fault. Cigarettes are sold each day killing millions of people each year….High Fructose corn syrup is allowed in our food and drinks, causing millions of medical procedures costing lives and obesity. Inoculations for our children are laced with mercury based preservatives causing one in every eighty eight child in America to develop autism. Flu shots have the same kind of mercury, causing our seniors to develop auto immune diseases. Flouride is pumped into our drinking water, which is a poison to our bodies. Bromine, another poison, is in most of our breads.
    Why is the FDA not stopping these poisionings?
    Our sky’s are constantly being sprayed with aluminum oxide and other poisonous chemicals (called chem trails) look up on any given day watch as our government is controlling our population growth. Milk and beef are laced with synthetic hormones. GMO’s are in almost all of our food supply causing lab animals to develop large tumors. We are Guinea pigs for a company called Monsanto, and our FDA approves everything that they make without long term human studies.
    TALK ABOUT MASS KILLINGS!!!! Turn your blinded eyes to the obvious things before you, and stop blaming inanimate objects on the problem. The problem is this nation is walking away from God, and when you take away the principles of God, as is in our Constitution, people grow up doing the unthinkable.
    Leave my Constitution as it is!!! Many have died for my rights….Once you lose those rights, it is very hard to get back.
    PS Not too long ago a NYC police officer shot 9 innocent people by the empire state build…should all police officers have their guns taken away? And before that…one of our military boys went and killed a bunch of inoccent families in Iraq. Should we disarm all of our solders?? Gun laws are a bunch of crap. Having drugs is illegal….please let me know how you think that law is working…..It is the people without morals that cause all these bad situations!!!!

  • Loren Amelang

    Comparative News: People may be the problem, but guns certainly change the outcome.

    History: (About) 23 dead through seven incidents across three years in all of China.

    In the US, 23 die in minutes. Laws may not stop this immediately, but eventually they help change hearts and minds of future generations.

  • Andre

    Namaste. If we want less violence, then we should overtly promote nonviolence. We should do it, not for ourselves, but for our children. This is the same In every country. People want their children to be safe and grow to have an opportunity to live a full life. Therefore, I would humbly like to submit a plan for a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV).

    A major objective of a GMofNV is to illustrate for the children our commitment and dedication to nonviolence. A plan is ready, the mechanisms are in place, and a stimulus is prepared to implement the plan. The implementation is the key. Something different is needed to capture and “keep” the attention of the media, other than a disaster or tragedy.

    A proactive initiative is designed with advocates of nonviolence whom are not usually listened to politically, are not in governmental positions, but are, as Ban Ki Moon recently stated, an untapped force for peace, WOMEN. ( )The plan is for non-governmental women leaders around the world to empower women to promote nonviolence. Men are included. The Civil Rights movement in the US was led by blacks, but was for everyone.

    The sages throughout history have tried to teach us that nonviolence works. There will be risks. The key is getting the movement started. Once it begins, it will take on a life of its own, creating new social, economic, environmental, and political ideas. The intricacies are complex, but there is simplicity in setting it in motion. See

    Peace and Love,

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