Urgent: Call the Senate to oppose increased war funding

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The Obama Administration asked Congress for another $83.4 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the House approved the funding with only 60 Representatives voting against it.

The funding is now going before the Senate for a vote and we need to build more pressure for an end to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Contact your Senators office today and ask for the foreign policy director. Tell them you want your Senator to “oppose the supplemental war funding, and support amendments that:

1. Provide timelines for bringing troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq
2. Promote Afghan- and Iraqi-led aid and development while increasing funding for refugees 
3. And supports women’s rights”

Click here to look up your Senators contact information.
Or call the switchboard directly at 202-224-3121.

The answers congressional staff tell you is very important intelligence for the coalition of groups working to change policy in the Afghanistan region.

Please post your Senators name, who you talked to and what they said.

Congressional politicians and some progressives still think that Afghanistan is the good war, but after eight years and no end in sight, it’s clear that the United States should not continue occupying Afghanistan.
To help build the case for an end to the war in Afghanistan, Peace Action distributed the following press release “Afghanistan and Pakistan: Myths vs facts”, in Congress. After you’ve made the call sign our petition “A better plan for Afghanistan”, and forward this email to friends and family.

Thanks for all that you do.

Paul Kawika Martin
Political and Organizing Director
Peace Action

PS Please call now, it will only take 2 minutes. Follow me on twitter for more updates on my work on Capitol Hill.

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  • inga kaminski

    Contacted Senators Durbin and Burris’ offices and asked them not to support any more war funding; it’s beginning to look like we’re back in the Bush administration.

  • Kathleen Clementi

    I called Senator Tom Udall from New Mexico. Staff person Ann answered the phone. I used the talking points to express how urgent I felt about opposing supplemental funding for war funding in Afganistan and Iraq. I asked her how Senator Udall stood on this issue. Ann stated she did not know and that in fact she did not think he has a position on the issue. I told her that as a constituent of Senator Udall’s I wanted to impress upon him how strongly I felt about this issue and wanted a response from him on his position. Ann stated she would forward my message to him and would get back to me with his response. Very disappointing that one staff people do not know what their Senators positions are and/or their Senators do not even have a position on such urgent issues.

  • A Kasper

    Called Rep Tiahrt, also Sen’s Brownback and Roberts — of KS, so, of course, have all voted “for the war.” Only Tiahrt’s office connected to a “foreign policy” person but all said they would certainly pass on to the reps the strong opposition of my wife and I to the supplemental war funding.

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