Taking over the Inland Empire

 In Afghanistan, Election 2010

While the pundits paint doomsday scenarios of the upcoming elections, real progressives are quietly working day and night to reshape the former conservative bastion of southern California’s Inland Empire. And they can win—with your help.

We’ve already introduced you to peace candidate Bill Hedrick in California’s 44th district. Right next door, Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet is fighting to unseat Republican Mary Bono Mack.

Click here to support Steve Pougnet’s campaign to flip California’s 45th district.

The contrast between these two couldn’t be clearer. When they went head to head in the district’s first debate in 8 years, Pougnet said he disagreed with President Obama’s plan to wait to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan until July 2011: “It’s time now.” [1] Bono Mack’s response? “You are so wrong.” Bono Mack came out swinging against the “Obama/Pougnet policy of appeasement”—meaning engagement with Iran rather than a repetition of decades of failed policy. [2] Bono Mack’s alternative? “We must enact strong foreign policy.” Bono Mack is desperately trying to link Steve Pougnet with Obama and Pelosi while offering up vague platitudes instead of leadership. It’s time to send her packing.

While Democrats are on the defensive around the country, Steve Pougnet’s campaign is gaining national attention as a real opportunity to kick out a Republican who is dragging down progress with her poor voting record. He needs your help in these last critical weeks before the November election. Click here to donate.

Let’s show the pundits and politicians that we can erase the enthusiasm gap—when they give us something to be enthusiastic about.  Thank you for helping us elect the people who will step up and make the change we want to see.

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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