Help us get out the vote for Bill Hedrick

 In Afghanistan, Election 2010

Together we’re doing amazing work. Along with volunteers from Bill Hedrick’s campaign, we’ve talked to 8,540 voters and gotten 1,109 people to pledge to mail in their ballots for Bill this week.  In 2008, Bill would have won with just 3,100 more votes, so your efforts are making a huge difference.

We are partnering with the Hedrick campaign to raise the money we need to do this again before Election Day. Can you help us reach 40,000 more voters by contributing to our $5,000 goal? Click here to donate.

When I was on the phone with voters Saturday morning, I could hear their frustration. As one person asked me, “Is he going to do anything? I’m tired of Democrats being wimps.” I told her that the only reason I volunteered my time was because I am confident that Bill will fight for what we believe in. Not to mention that he’d also unseat one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

On this ninth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, it’s clear that we need leaders like Bill who understand the cost of war and will stand up to end the longest war in American history. Bill has said that voting for funding for the war is one place where he won’t compromise. Will you give whatever you can to help him follow through on that promise by helping us reach 40,000 voters before Election Day?

Bill knows that he can’t win without your support.  Ken Calvert may be getting his big money from BP, but Bill’s strength lies in the grassroots. Our phone blast was a huge success, and we need your help to do it again. Please click here to donate.


Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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