Bill Hedrick phone blast a huge success- thank you!

 In Election 2010

Together, we did great work this week in our phone blast to help elect Bill Hedrick in California’s 44th district.  Between Peace Action West supporters and the Hedrick campaign, more than 200 volunteers took to the phones to bank some early votes for Hedrick and start on the path toward victory in November.

On Saturday and Tuesday we made 23,526 calls and talked to 8,540 voters.  We talked to 2,691 people who said they would vote for bill, and 1,109 pledged to mail in their ballots for him right away.  Bill could have won in 2008 if he had flipped another 3,100 votes, so this can make a huge difference in the race. The more votes we can count on now, the more energy the campaign has to focus on new people and make sure they turn out to the polls on November 2nd.

We also talked to almost 2,000 people who are undecided at this point in the race.  Identifying those voters means the campaign can invest their time in making sure those people hear about Bill’s vision and commitment to creating jobs and ending wars, and about incumbent Ken Calvert’s self-interested land deals and overall corruption.

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to volunteer.  Bill and his campaign staff have told us again and again how grateful they are for everything that Peace Action West and our supporters are doing to support his people-powered campaign. We have less than a month now to keep the energy going and send Bill to Washington!

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