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When a US soldier killed 16 Afghan civilians, many of them children, we were again shocked by the ever-escalating brutality of this war.

This was another in a long line of signs that we need to get our troops out of Afghanistan, and we need to do it now.

A growing majority of Americans agrees, and we are so close to tipping the scales in Congress toward ending this war. But the war still rages on, even as hawks clamor for a confrontation with Iran.

This is why we need to elect more members of Congress who will speak for peace. With your help, we aim to shake things up in Congress, end this war, and prevent the next one. Click here to support our slate of 2012 peace candidates.

We know from experience that we can accomplish a lot when we elect strong allies to work with us in pushing for a smarter, saner foreign policy. That’s why we choose our peace candidates so carefully.

That means you know your dollars are going to support people who are committed to your values, not just any old person with the right letter next to his or her name. And they can win–with your help.

Our slate of peace candidates includes incumbents who have a proven record of fighting to end wars and invest here at home, as well as fresh faces who will help tip the balance in Congress toward peace. They all need your help before upcoming competitive primary elections. Click here to learn more about these candidates and donate to help them get to Washington next year.

The conventional wisdom says the war in Afghanistan won’t be a big issue in this election. We might not be a multimillion-dollar SuperPAC, but when you all combine your contributions, you amplify all our voices, and send a strong message that peace is your priority.

Please donate to our slate of peace candidates today.

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