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The presidential election has been all over the media for months (prompting The Daily Show’s apt segment title “Endless Suffrage”), but political junkies like me who want to know what’s going on in hot House and Senate races around the country have to dig a little deeper to get the latest on competitive races and decide which candidates to throw our support behind. If you want to be plugged in to the latest, here are some resources that can help.

  • Supporters Riley and Becky Newman have put together a really helpful chart on Senate races around the country, and are generously sharing it with people who want to know all the key info- who are the candidates, how much have they raised, who’s endorsed them, and more. Click here to download the PDF.
  • Cook Political Report is constantly updating its ratings on how competitive House and Senate races are.
  • The FEC’s campaign finance portal lets you see how much money candidates have raised and who is funding their campaign.
  • The blogosphere is full of interesting analysis and on-the-ground updates, from Nate Silver to Talking Points Memo to Roll Call and more.

Of course, if you’re looking for peace candidates who have been vetted for their support of a foreign policy based on diplomacy, smart security spending, and reducing the nuclear threat, visit Peace Action West’s 2012 election center. Our list of peace candidates is constantly growing, so check back to see how you can help us build the peace vote in Congress.

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